Bras for Breast Forms

Trans Spa by Jacki's has carefully chosen bra styles that we know work for the crossdresser and transgender community. These feminine brassieres are designed to not only give your natural breast tissue a lift and help define your body's shape, but to also help hold your breasts or breast forms in place. Our bras have shoulder straps that are not too short, nor so thin that they are uncomfortable when supporting breast forms. The cups of the bras are chosen to fully cover your breast forms and blend seamlessly with your body. The band of the bras is wide enough to be comfortable, and most have 3 rows of hooks for better adjustment.
Pocketed bras are a must-have style of bra for girls who are choosing to wear non-adhesive breast forms. These styles have built in pockets in the cup to keep your breast forms in place, without using adhesives that can damage certain types of breast forms. Non-pocketed bras are designed to give your breast forms the support they need while ensuring that you get the most realistic-feeling experience. Attach your breast forms to your body and put on one of these bras for support!
Not sure about styles or sizes, or need help getting measured? Want to see a larger selection of garments available for purchase and TONS of other styles not listed online? Book your FREE Quick Shop appointment to visit us and try things on before purchasing them – or upgrade to a Full Transformation for a more in-depth experience!