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TS Faux Nail Sets (48pcs + Glue)

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Graceful, elegant, and – most importantly – easily removable without a trace, our Trans Spa Faux Nail Sets were carefully selected by our expert stylist to be easy to use, easy to remove, and sturdy for those crazy nights out! They come in two lengths, or you can use regular nail clippers and files to customize the length and shape to your liking (see below for instructions). Choose from 4 styles available online (Short Hot Pink, Long Hot Pink, Long Wine Red, Short Natural French) to complement your skin tone, personal preferences, and outfits!

 Each set includes 12 sizes, 4 nails of each size, for the ultimate in custom fits for our girls' unique needs! We also include a tube of glue so you have everything you need in one easy package :)

These nail sets, among others, are available for sale at our physical store location as well! Check out our In-Store Services to decide what type of appointment fits your needs best, or request a $20 Nail Application by our expert stylist (option available to Mini-Shoot clients only).



First, we usually recommend applying the nails to your fingers before altering them, so you know exactly how the length and shape will work. (However, if you're a newbie or want to experiment a bit, you can always purchase multiple sets and spend some time playing around and trying different things!) Ensure that you apply the nails in the correct orientation – the rounder side always gets adhered to your nailbed, making the flatter side with corners the outer "tip" of the nail.

If you'd like to make major shape or length changes, use a pair of real nail clippers (not scissors or a pocketknife!) that are nice and sharp, with no nicks in their blades. Gradually cut your nail down, taking off many small pieces instead of large chunks – remember, you can always take more off, but you can't un-cut a nail. Also, smaller cuts will reduce the stress on the nail, making them less prone to breakage or fracturing.

Once you're satisfied with the length and general shape, use a regular nail file to smooth out the edges, removing any sharp bits, splinters, or fragments. This can also be used to refine the shape; for a more dramatic "square" nail, file the center down more, bringing it flush with the outer edges. Be sure to leave some rounding at the corners, though, so you don't scratch your skin or catch your clothes! Also, don't worry if your nails aren't flawlessly even; no one ever has identically perfect nails, and practice will help you increase your skills over time :)