Divine Collection Jolie Thigh Pads


NEW for 2018: Divine Collection JOLIE Thigh Pads! Now at a lower price!

We've received a LOT of requests for super-realistic, soft, durable hip and thigh pads to create curvaceous and feminine silhouettes. Divine Collection has finally made it a reality for us with the JOLIE Thigh Pads: hand-crafted solid silicone anatomical pads that create beautiful, ladylike hips by adding up to 8 inches to your hip measurement!

  • Silicone thigh pads with built-in adhesive for a more natural look and feel
  • Tapered edges blend with the body
  • Gel-free construction means your Jolie Thigh Pads cannot be punctured or burst, and they're safe to sleep in – plus, you can wear them for over 24 hours at a time!
  • Just like Divine Collection Aphrodite breast forms, the silicone "skin" looks and feels realistic, and is makeup-friendly so you can customize your look and blend the color with your skin!
  • Asymmetrical shape fits left & right for a more realistic silhouette
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects
  • Trans Spa is offering the official retail version of the Jolie, complete with retail-ready packaging for the full luxury unboxing and storage experience!
  • Includes a FREE care kit:
    • One 2 oz bottle of Divine Collection Breast Form Wash
    • One 2 oz bottle of Divine Collection Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray
    • 10 reusable Skin-Tac Wipes for additional adhesion
  • Hand-crafted in Canada
  • Available in 3 sizes (1, 2, and 3)
  • Available in 3 skintones (Vanilla, Caramel, and Chocolate)
    • Please note: Trans Spa carries the Vanilla tone in stock, because it works so well for so many of our customers, but we do not keep stock of the Caramel or Chocolate. These tones are listed as "out of stock," but are set to allow overselling – this way, you can still order any color that you like, but please be aware that Caramel and Chocolate colors may require an extra 3-6 weeks of processing before they can be sent out. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Increases your total hip measurement:*
    • Size 1 adds 2 – 3 inches
    • Size 2 adds 3 – 5 inches
    • Size 3 adds 5 – 8 inches
*Total hip measurement will change with positioning on the body, as well as the body type of person wearing hip pads.


Measurement Chart for Divine Collection Jolie Hip & Thigh Pads

Unlike the Divine Collection Aphrodite breast forms, the Divine Collection Jolie has essentially the same dimensions in height and width among the three sizes. The primary difference is the thickness of the pads. This way, customers don't have to buy a different size based on your height; you just have to know how much thickness you want to add!

Divine Collection Jolie Measurement Chart


Notes about attaching & sleeping in Jolie hip pads

If you want to wear the hip pads without additional adhesive, it is best if you wear the pads with a pair of pantyhose, tights, shapewear, or any sort of garment that will give that extra bit of security. Wearing pantyhose over the hip pads will also help to conceal the edges and help them disappear. You may find that you have no problem at all wearing the pads everywhere without support, as they really hold. Experiment at home to find your best solution.

Excessive use of silicone adhesive removers may damage or cause the breakdown of the silicone in the hip pads. Please use caution when removing any silicone based adhesives from the hip pads.

Your Jolie silicone hip & thigh pads may shift when worn while sleeping. We recommend you wear pantyhose if you choose to wear the pads while sleeping (even if you have attached them using an adhesive) to help prevent the pads from moving.

Every pair of Jolie thigh pads are unique. Jolie hip & thigh pads are hand-crafted by a team of artists that are dedicated to making lifelike, natural feeling body shaping prosthetics. Their craftsmanship may lead to subtle changes that occur naturally, creating a more lifelike appearance.


How to attach Jolie hip & thigh pads with additional adhesive

  1. If you have worn the hip pads before, clean your Jolie hip pads as best as you can. If there is still adhesive on the pads that was applied in the past, remove as much as possible using the adhesive remover, and clean using Divine Collection Breast Form Wash. Allow to dry. The form should be naturally tacky; this is the self-adhesive that is built into the pad, and cannot/should not be removed. (You may apply the talc powder to the outside of the pad for a softer feeling.)
  2. Shower. Clean your skin as well as you can, remove hair in the areas where adhesive will be applied, etc. Rinse skin clean and towel dry. Do NOT apply moisturizers, etc. These will interfere with the adhesive bonding to the skin.
  3. Apply Stay Dry to the thigh to prevent perspiration. Wait to dry. (Do NOT use deodorants or antiperspirants; the oils won't allow adhesives to bond well).
  4. Spray a thin layer of Hollister adhesive to the centre of the pad. Wait 3 to 6 minutes to dry; it should not be wet, but tacky.
  5. Apply Skin Tac Wipe to the thigh. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute until the area becomes tacky.
  6. Apply the hip & thigh pads using pressure to the body and allow to bond.
  7. Rest for 10 to 50 minutes by laying down and when possible, apply additional pressure to the pads to help bond the product better.
Remember, less is more when it comes to using adhesives with Divine Collection body shaping prosthetics.

When done with your hip & thigh pads, slowly remove the pads from your body by gently pulling at the edges and lifting up. Remove any adhesive with an adhesive remover and wash the pads using Divine Collection Breast Form Wash.

Need help with sizing, color choice, a custom order, or with any other questions? Don't hesitate to Contact Us right away – we're here to help!

Delays and Product Availability:

PLEASE NOTE! Since Divine Collection hand-creates their Jolie forms, there may be occasional delays in availability, even for the styles that we keep in-stock at the store. We do our best to keep the Vanilla color in stock, but if it is unavailable through the manufacturer for any reason, or for all orders containing a Caramel or Chocolate skin tone Jolies, then there may be up to a six-week delay before the forms can be created and sent out.
If this should happen, we will notify you as soon as possible, and offer possible assistance and solutions, but as always, if you need your Trans Spa order for a specific date, please feel free to Contact Us and ask about stock levels and availability. Thank you!