About Our Shipping Policies

NEW as of 10/5/2018: we are now implementing  weight-based shipping rates. This means that someone ordering a few lipsticks will no longer have to pay the same rate as someone buying heavy breast forms!
However, as with all changes, things sometimes go wrong or don't work correctly. If you attempt to place an order on our store and find that your shipping rate is unreasonable, please feel free to call or email us using the information on our Contact Us page – we'll be happy to help!

Free Shipping at Trans Spa.com

All Trans Spa packages come in discreet, plain, brown or white boxes with no identifying markings on the outside. The recipient's name and address as provided to us when you place your order will be shown. Our return address also appears on each package, and is listed as:

The words "Trans Spa," "TG/CD," or anything similar are NOT present on the package.


We understand that privacy and discretion are of paramount importance to our customers, and we continually strive to provide you with the ideal shopping experience! Trans Spa takes your personal information VERY seriously, and we do everything we can to keep you safe.


However, this means that we DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE US. There are laws in many countries restricting the sale, import, or ownership of products relating to gender transition, crossdressing, or even general "sexual" items; we cannot be responsible for customers living in or traveling to these countries who are outed or affected by purchasing from us. Even for customers living in countries without such laws, customs laws require us to declare the contents of every package. This means that any customs official, delivery employee, and/or anyone who views the package has the potential to see exactly which items you are ordering from us, which could result in your privacy being compromised. Trans Spa takes this risk VERY seriously, and so unfortunately we have had to implement a blanket ban on shipping anywhere outside the 50 U.S. states.


If a customer would still like to order from us, it MAY be possible to use a package forwarding service such as Ship2Me, etc., which will allow you to ship your Trans Spa order to their address. However, this will carry additional fees (not to mention additional shipping, customs and import fees and taxes, etc), may take longer, and still carries the risks outlined above (since packages still need to have customs declaration labels on them). Trans Spa cannot be responsible for any undesired outcome resulting from the use of such services.


Remember, all orders over $100 get FREE standard shipping to continental US addresses! Excludes orders being sent to AL, HI, and US Outlying Islands – please contact us for shipping rates to your address.