About Trans Spa

What is Trans Spa?

NEW 2019: Trans Spa & Jacki's also carry FTM packers and brief harnesses, and will soon be carrying breast binder products as well! Ask an associate to show you where these items are located in-store!

For the past 11+ years, Trans Spa has been serving the transgender and crossdressing communities of Maryland and beyond by operating in conjunction with Jacki's Intimate Boutique to provide a maximally efficient shopping experience for all of our customers. We are in a completely private shopping area offering high-quality wigs, ladies' shoes up to size 16, and breast forms in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. We also offer support garments, select lines of clothing, lingerie, makeup, accessories, and MORE hand-selected items for crossdressers and transgender women.

Jacki's is a standalone adult store, with a fantastic selection of toys, DVDs, novelties, lingerie, and more; Trans Spa is located in a separate, unlabeled room, accessible from within the Jacki's building. Our room is 100% private and unlabeled for ultimate discretion. Customers can shop Jacki's merchandise any time during business hours, and the Trans Spa room is available by appointment ONLY.

Trans Spa offers not only products for purchase, but services to assist our customers as well: complete makeover tutorials, full body transformations, (UPDATE post-Coronavirus: please see our In-Store Services Page for information about services currently available.) and personal shopping services for crossdressers and transgender women in a safe, welcoming environment where comfort and discretion is assured. YES – you can shop Trans Spa while dressed as a woman! Want more information about services? Be sure you check out our In-Store Services page for all the details!

Trans Spa is located inside Jacki’s Intimate Boutique. To make an appointment or for more information, please call (443) 502-0071, email us at consultant@transspa.com, or use our online Contact Form!

Help! I came to your store, but I couldn't find the Trans Spa items.

For our first-time visitors: Trans Spa is inside a private, unlabeled room – just enter the building through the front or back doors, and tell your friendly Jacki's front desk clerk that you're interested in shopping Trans Spa merchandise! Due to customer privacy concerns, we are not able to accommodate walk-ins – we require that you make a FREE appointment if you'd like to come in and shop. Once you're in our schedule, coming in is even easier: simply walk in and tell us you're here for your appointment. We'll bring you back right away!

Do I really need to make an appointment? Can't I just walk in and shop?

We really can't allow more than one customer to shop at once (exceptions made for customers who are bringing a supportive friend; however, said friend cannot shop for themselves at the same time, and we must be notified in advance of the appointment). This is to protect YOU and your privacy. Unfortunately, it means that a lot of hopeful walk-ins drive all the way here only to be told that the room will be unavailable for a few more hours. It's disappointing for you, and for us as well! Making an appointment ensures that you get the shopping experience you want when you want it, and helps us be most effectively prepared for your visit. If you're truly unable to pre-schedule your visit, we recommend calling ahead same-day or the day before to ask whether we expect to have availability for you.
We do accept walk-ins whenever we can, but for paid services such as Makeup Application or Lessons, Full Transformation/Extended Shopping, and any Deluxe Packages, there's a lot more preparation required. Therefore, appointments are mandatory for these services, and we recommend booking at least a week or two in advance to ensure our availability. UPDATE 2021 post-Coronavirus: we are not offering any services except Quick Shops and we do require appointments. We are scheduling THREE MONTHS OUT and have been for a while -- we CANNOT accommodate requests for "this weekend" or even in the same month. Other services such as Transformations, etc., will not be returning in the near future.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call or email us, or use our website form – view our Contact Us page for all of our contact points!