In-Store Services

Update 9/2020: Governor Hogan has allowed Maryland-based businesses to begin allowing beauty services, within certain guidelines and procedures. Trans Spa has evaluated the situation and our current ability to provide high-quality services in a safe and well-staffed environment, and determined that we still are not able to offer makeovers or Transformation services at this time. There is no change to our offerings due to the new executive order.

We are offering ONLY QUICK SHOPS on FRIDAYS ONLY for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Sorry: this means
We care about the safety and health of our customers, staff, and their families, and so, given the current state of the pandemic, we hope to re-expand our offerings sometime in 2021. We know that Transformations and Makeup Lessons are our most popular appointments, and we're just as eager to get back to normal as our clients are! We promise to update this page and every other channel we have available as SOON as there's any change, so please see our Coronavirus Policies Page for updates. Directly messaging us about services we explicitly aren't offering, just slows down our response to customers who are asking more timely questions. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic progression, we will not be placing appointments until we are certain we will be able to honor them.
As always, we encourage everyone to reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to follow all local laws and health administration guidelines and stay strong!

The following information has been retained for future reference. For our customers' reading convenience, appointment types that are currently unavailable have been struck through.

What Services Do We Offer?

★ Trans Spa's appointment options are designed to give you an experience that includes everything you want, and nothing you don't! Choose from the following options:
Makeup Lessons now include a FULL KIT of makeup to take home!
★ We're still offering our very popular 1-hour, fee-free Quick Shop!
Our Extended Shopping Appointment is now an even better deal!
Full Transformations now include a Makeup Application!
Mini-Shoots are a great add-on for anyone who wants pictures of their new outfit!
You can also bundle everything together for great discounts with Trans Spa's Deluxe Packages!
★ Lastly, make sure you check out our FAQ and Additional Info down at the end, no matter what you're coming in for.
★ Once you've chosen your appointment options and you're ready to schedule your visit, check out our Contact Us page for information about how to get in touch and how to find our location!

Piece-by-Piece Appointment Options

★ Complete Makeup Lesson + Kit

 $250 (includes a FULL KIT of brand-new makeup!)

~3 hours

The Makeup Lesson NOW INCLUDES a FREE full makeup set – take home everything your makeup artist uses on you during your lesson! Additional products also available for purchase.

★ Our makeup artist will demonstrate each step of the application process, explain techniques and tools, and help you practice application on your own face. It's designed to be instructive, so you'll be more able to recreate your favorite look on your own at home. You can show us inspiration images from the web, or tell us a little bit about what kind of look you want, and we'll create it for you.

★ If you have makeup of your own that you'd like to learn how to use, you're welcome to bring it with you.

★ Recommended for: first-time customers, anyone new to dressing or transforming, or anyone who wants to learn to apply makeup tailored to their own features!

★ Yes, we take cisgender female clients as well! If you are a woman interested in local makeup lessons, or a couple (of any genders) looking to be transformed together into a pair of beautiful girls, please call or email us for details and information.


Shopping Options:
★ Quick Shop

★ Free (appointment fee does not include product purchases)

★ Up to 1 hour

★ Just need to pick up one thing, or have a brief look around our store to get acquainted with us without too much commitment? This is the appointment for you! We'll provide all the relevant information and advice on a few specific products that you're shopping for. Want to upgrade your breast forms, find a more flattering wig color, or purchase a padded panty to wear under a specific outfit? We have knowledgeable consultants to tell you about each available product and help you try on a few that complement your body, skin tone, facial features, requirements, and/or budget. Maybe you're not sure what you're looking for, but you know what you want it to do – make your waist appear slimmer, conceal leg or arm hair, fix a pair of breast forms in place without damaging their membrane, or neutralize a beard shadow? We'll show you products that can achieve your goals, instruct you on how to use them, and help you choose the ones that suit your needs. Or perhaps you just want to shop our hand-picked selection of dresses, skirts, lingerie, and accessories, with our advice on what to add to your wardrobe? We're here to make your shopping trip smooth and enjoyable, from the moment you walk in the door all the way through our discreet checkout process!

★ Recommended for: customers who are already all set with the basics, but are looking to upgrade, expand, or add variety to their collection! Or, for first-time customers who just want to pop in and get an idea of what Trans Spa is like!

★ If you're not sure what appointment type you want, or don't specify when you're booking with us, we'll schedule you for a Quick Shop by default.

Think you'll need more than 1 hour to shop? See our "Extended Shop" option below!

★ Extended Shop

$150 (see details for how product purchases affect appointment fee)

2-4 hours

Your personal shopper will help you select products and garments to transform you from head to toe into a beautiful, sexy, passable woman! Once you and your stylist have chosen your full outfit, we'll bring you to our register and send everything home with you so you can be a Trans Spa Girl any time. You can choose any of the following (and more!) to shop for: wigs, breast forms, bras, waist cinchers, padded panties, hosiery, full outfits with accessories like belts, purses, and jewelry, and shoes.

★ The $150 fee covers our expertise, time, and work, but we'll discount up to $150 off of the product purchases made during your visit.

★ That's right, you can get up to $150 of product purchases FREE when you buy them here! This deal is a Trans Spa exclusive!

★ Recommended for: first-time customers, anyone new to dressing or transforming, or anyone who isn't sure where to begin and wants help starting their collection.

★ Also recommended for customers who know what they're shopping for, but need more time than the 1-hour Quick Shop.


Photoshoot and Picture-Taking Options:
Trans Spa Mini-Shoot
We recommend combining this with at least a makeup appointment, or for best results, with a Full Transformation – see our Deluxe Packages below!

★ Single Mini-Shoot: $100, 1 hour (appointment fee does not include product purchases)

★ Double Mini-Shoot: $180, 2 hours (appointment fee does not include product purchases)

★ We'll perform a quick makeup touch-up to take you from street-wear to camera-ready, then bring you down to our multi-set, private photo studio. We'll show you our different sets (including a FULL GREEN SCREEN ROOM!) and bring out props, set pieces, and professional-level lighting to achieve that real "model in a photo shoot" feel! Your allotted time will be spent posing you and creating the romantic, girly, elegant, and outright BEAUTIFUL shots you've always wanted to see. At the end of your session, you'll be allowed to choose some of your favorite photos to take home, and we'll even do an in-house digital retouching (including background replacement on green-screen photos) on a select few of them! 

★ In the Single Mini-Shoot package, you'll wear 1 outfit (no changes). You can choose your favorite 10 shots to take home with you, and select 3 of those for a quick digital touchup. The Double Mini-Shoot package is twice the glamour (2 outfits, 20 favorite shots, 6 touchups) for $180: a $20 savings! Interested in longer photoshoots? We may be able to accommodate you – contact us directly for more information, or check out our Deluxe Packages below!

★ All garments, intimate apparel, and accessories must be yours  either brought in or purchased here. For this reason, the best way to get perfectly photo-ready is to schedule your Mini-Shoot in conjunction with another appointment type. Want us to do your makeup? Schedule a Makeup Lesson + Mini-Shoot! Need to make a same-day apparel purchase for outfits to wear? Schedule an Extended Shop + Mini-Shoot! Want all of the above? Ask us about our Deluxe Packages!

★ You can take your photos home on an SD card for free, or we'll burn you a disc for an extra $20.

★ Proofs of a single sheet containing thumbnails of all 10 (or 20) photos are also available.

★ Full-size color prints on white paper are $10 each.

★  You'll leave same-day with an SD card containing the raw photos, but the processing (touch-ups, file storage, and/or printing) takes at least a week or so after your filming session is complete (more time needed for Double Mini-Shoots). We recommend that you plan to receive your finished photos via private Dropbox or Google Drive transfer, or arrange another method of delivery to your comfort.


Trans Spa Packages

Full Transformation

★ $230 (see details for how product purchases affect appointment fee)

★ ~4-7 hours

★ This is our most requested appointment type! You'll get an Extended Shop with our personal shopper, and then our very own specialist in TG/CD makeup will use expert techniques and products to give you a feminine Makeup Application. We'll completely transform you into a gorgeous and stunning woman – then send you home with the outfits, accessories, and other products you purchased during your shopping.

★ We'll block off up to 7 hours for your appointment, and you're free to use as much or as little of that as you like.

★ Includes the discount offered with the Extended Shop: come in for a Full Transformation & get up to $150 off your product purchases!

★ Just let us know you want the Trans Spa Full Transformation option when you schedule your appointment!


Deluxe Packages

What Are Deluxe Packages?

★ When you schedule a Trans Spa Deluxe Package, you get a Full Transformation (makeup application and shopping), PLUS a Mini-Shoot (or three!), AND your product purchases are all prepaid so you already know exactly how much you're spending! We've rolled everything that Trans Spa has to offer into one phenomenal, completely satisfying experience, AND we'll bundle it all together for a great discount!

★ These are all-day appointments; please expect to schedule your Deluxe Package beginning at approximately 11AM, and extending into the evening.

★ There are 3 different Deluxe Packages, each offering MORE shopping, MORE take-home products, MORE quality, MORE of our time and expertise, MORE photoshoots, and MORE added value than the last! These packages are designed to help you budget your visit with minimal effort, and SAVE money on amazing products!

★ Each package is structured to include all of the following items and services:

★ One set of breast forms from a specific brand or line (you choose size, color, and any other options)
★ At least one bra and gaff; one set of hip/thigh pads for shaping
★ Preset budgets for wig(s), clothing, shoes, shapewear, lingerie, hosiery, jewelry, and nails
★ A full Makeup Kit to take home with you (the Premier and Divine Packages have options to add extra makeup as well!)
★ A FREE full meal on us, delivered from any local restaurant
★ A Makeup Application by our expert in TG/CD makeup (plus touchups or minor changes for bigger packages!)
★ A Full Transformation Shop, where our personal shopper will help you choose your clothing and accessories for maximum femme while keeping track of your budget
★ and finally, at least one Trans Spa Mini-Shoot (bigger packages get more photos!)

★ Read on for details, or Contact Us for assistance with choosing your package!

Natural Package

★ The Natural Package is a great all-in-one package for customers working within a budget, or who are just starting to build their collection but still want an amazing shopping, makeup, and photoshoot experience.

★ Notable Features:

★ Any pair of TRANSFORM Natural Look Breast Forms

★ A Trans Spa Gaff, a TRANSFORM Padded Panty, and a TRANSFORM Pocket Bra

★ Preset budgets that will allow you to choose a full outfit, complete with a quality wig, hosiery, shapewear, jewelry, a pair of shoes, and more!

★ Full Makeup Kit (no extras)

★ Single Mini-Shoot (no prints)

★ More details available when you Contact Us!

★ You get a calculated value of $1100 in products and services, for just $1000 – a 10% or $100 savings!

Premier Package

★ The Premier Package is a great all-in-one package for customers moving up from their initial budget, or who are hoping to upgrade to an even better shopping, makeup, and photoshoot experience.

★ Notable Features:

★ Any pair of AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms or TRANSFORM Premier Breast Forms (adhesive pads not included on Premier forms)

★ A Trans Spa Gaff, an UnderWorx Padded Panty and Waist Cincher, and your choice of a TRANSFORM Pocket Bra or a QT Underwire Bra

★ Preset budgets that will allow you to choose two full outfits, complete with an ultra-high-quality wig, hosiery, multiple pieces of shapewear, jewelry, two pairs of shoes, a set of lingerie, and more!

★ Full Makeup Kit (with budget room added for additional lipstick colors, eyeshadow palettes, different eyeliner colors, etc.)

★ Double Mini-Shoot (5 full-size prints)

★ More details when you Contact Us!

★ You get a calculated value of $2300 in products and services, for just $2000 – a 15% or $300 savings!

Divine Package

★ The Divine Package is a great all-in-one package for customers who aren't restricted by budget concerns, and who want nothing less than the ULTIMATE shopping, makeup, and photoshoot experience!

★ Notable Features:

★ Any pair of Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Solid Silicone Breast Forms

★ TWO Trans Spa Gaffs, a set of Divine Collection Jolie Self-Adhesive Solid Silicone Hip and Thigh Pads

★ Preset budgets that will allow you to choose 3+ full outfits, complete with two ultra-high-quality wigs, plenty of hosiery, all the shapewear and high-end corsetry you can dream of, glamorous jewelry, 2-3 pairs of shoes, multiple sets of lingerie and/or QT Underwire Bras if you choose, and more!

★ Full Makeup Kit (with EVEN MORE budget room added for additional lipstick colors, eyeshadow palettes, different eyeliner colors, etc.)

★ Triple Mini-Shoot (10 full-size prints)

★ More details when you Contact Us!

★ You get a calculated value of $3600 in products and services, for just $3000 – a 20% or $600 savings!


Additional Information:
★ All listed options MUST make reserved appointments – the ONLY service available to walk-ins is a Quick Shop, and only if we are not assisting or expecting another client.
With enough notice, we can make appointments on nearly any day of the week! For all appointments other than Quick Shops, we require bookings be made at least 1 week in advance, and 2-3 weeks in advance is recommended. We find that Saturdays and Fridays, plus evenings throughout the week, fill up the quickest, so you may need to look 1-2 months out if these days and times are your only option. Weekdays and afternoons are more readily available.
★ Start times for all appointment are generally anywhere from 12PM to 3-4PM; please keep the expected length of appointment in mind when booking (i.e., Full Transformation appointments are usually scheduled to start at or before noon, because they last up to 7 hours)
★ Feel free to arrive, shop, and leave dressed as you like (we only ask that all customers follow general public decency guidelines for covering intimate areas with opaque garments). Yes, you can shop both Jacki's and Trans Spa dressed as a woman!
★ Need to change your outfit after you arrive or before you leave? Let us know when you book with us, and we'll build in an extra few minutes. We can also add extra time to remove your makeup for clients who prefer to leave as a male. Just ask for this as you make your appointment!
★ Do you have schedule restrictions or issues that conflict with the guidelines here? We will ALWAYS attempt to find a solution that will work for our valued clients – don't hesitate to contact us and see if we can help YOU!


Contact Us to discuss appointment types and availability – we're here to help!