Deposit Fee for Pre-Scheduled Appointments

❗️⚠️❗️ PLEASE NOTE: This item is ONLY to be purchased by clients who have already scheduled an appointment at Trans Spa, and have been explicitly told that they must pay a reservation fee online for their appointment. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM until you schedule your appointment with us. Purchasing this item does not guarantee you an appointment at ANY time and Trans Spa reserves the right to not refund any customer who purchases this item without having scheduled a firm future appointment with us.
If you have not made an appointment and need to make one, please Contact Trans Spa and we will discuss scheduling with you. ❗️⚠️❗️


Purchasing this item counts as your pre-paid deposit fee for certain appointments that require one. The purchase amount of this deposit fee will be counted towards purchases or service fees incurred at your appointment, but it is NOT refundable or transferable to any other appointments or to other customers, even when you provide advance cancellation notice

When you reach your cart for checkout, please open the "Notes" field and add the following information:

  • The name you used to schedule your appointment
  • The contact method you used to schedule: email, text, call, or in-person visit
  • The contact information you used to schedule: email address or phone number
  • The date and time of your appointment, and the appointment type
  • The date and time you scheduled or finalized your appointment with Trans Spa staff (approximations ok)

Omission of any of this information may cause delays or reductions in our ability to trace miscommunications regarding appointment status. Such miscommunications are extremely rare, but we are choosing to be proactive and do everything we can to ensure customer satisfaction!