Divine Collection Athena Breast Plate

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Become the goddess you are with the Athena Breastplate

  • The ultimate for showing cleavage
  • Lifelike silicone skin creates the most realistic breast forms to touch and feel
  • Realistic looking nipples & areola
  • Self-adhering breast forms mean you can wear a non-pocketed bra
  • Tapered edges blend to the body
  • Innovative design is safe to sleep in
  • Make-up safe design is perfect for skintone matching
  • Divine Collection products are the only silicone breast forms available that can be worn for 24 hours or more!

Get the most realistic cleavage with our Athena breastplate from Divine Collection. This beautiful and realistic breastplate is hand crafted by skilled artisans just for you. The round, full shape of the breasts is great with half-cup and demi-cup bras, while the tapered edges help to blend to the body. Slightly concave back fits most body types.

Why We Love Our Athena Self-Adhering Breast Plate

  • Self-adhesive backing creates a more natural feeling when worn braless or with a non-pocketed bra
  • Unique "no-membrane" skin means the breast forms cannot burst, making Athena and sister product Aphrodite the only silicone breast forms that are safe to sleep in
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience
  • Safe to use with Hollister Spray Adhesive, letting you attach for days! (Hollister Spray not included.)
  • Round, full shape is perfect for showing lots of cleavage
  • Looks great with soft cup, underwire, and demi cup bras
  • High neck design sits at the collar bones to help blend in to the body
  • Great for showing lots of cleavage
  • Comes in THREE frame sizes, THREE skin tones, THREE nipple sizes, and THREE nipple colors – that's a total of 81 possible combinations, with more frame sizes coming soon!
  • One year warranty against manufacturers' defects
  • Beautiful storage box included
  • Includes a FREE Care Kit, which consists of:
    • One 2 oz bottle of Divine Collection Breast Form Wash
    • One 2 oz bottle of Divine Collection Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray
    • 10 reusable Skin Tac Wipes for additional adhesion

Sizing for the Divine Collection Athena Breastplate

Because the Divine Collection Athena breastplate is connected between the breasts, the artists at Divine Collection have created different frame sizes of breastplate for different sized bodies. This helps to create the most natural appearance possible.

To find the right Athena size for your body, you should first know your band size! This refers to the circumference of your chest below the nipples, where the bra band will sit, and determines the "scale" of the breast form you'll need. Since the volume of each cup size increases as the band size gets larger, this is VERY important information when determining how a breast form will fit. Once you have your band measurement, in inches, you'll add 2-3 inches to get your Band Size, and you'll use that number to follow the chart below. Find the column with your band size, and the row with your desired cup size. The entry in that row and column tells you what Athena size will fit you.

If you're not sure how to measure yourself, how to determine your band size, or how to use the sizing charts, just make an appointment for a Quick Shop or Full Transformation. We'll measure you and fit you for forms – FREE!

IMPORTANT: The artists at Divine Collection are designing additional frame sizes and breast sizes for the Athena breastplate. If the perfect size is not available for you yet, don't worry – it's coming soon!

Divine Collection Athena Size Chart

** Sizes marked with an asterisk are NOT RECOMMENDED to be worn while naked, as the breastplate will be too narrow or too wide for your body. You will need to wear a bra for these sizes. **

Small-3 Small-5 Medium-6
For chest sizes with underbust measurement: 28 ½ to 34 in 28 ½ to 34 in 34 ½ to 42 in
For bra bands: 32 to 38 bra band (US/UK) 32 to 38 bra band (US/UK) 38 to 44 bra band (US/UK)
Might be too NARROW when naked for... Bra bands 40 and larger Bra bands 40 and larger Bra bands 46 and larger
Might be too WIDE when naked for... Bra bands 30 and smaller Bra bands 30 and smaller Bra bands 36 and smaller
Designed for chests... ...with little to some pec muscle (less than 2 inches) ...with little to some pec muscle (less than 2 inches) ...with little to some pec muscle (less than 2 inches)

Here are the 3 sizes side-by-side:

Athena Breast Plate Small-3 Athena Breast Plate Size Small-5 Athena Breast Plate Size Medium-6
Small-3 Small-5 Medium-6

The mannequin in these photographs measures 36 inches below the nipple and wears a 40 band bra.


Color Customizations for the Athena Breast Plate

Available skin tones: Vanilla, Caramel, and Chocolate.
(Caramel and Chocolate are not kept in stock; orders in these skin tones will be delayed by up to 3-6 weeks to allow for production time.)

Vanilla Caramel Chocolate


Available nipple colors: Rose, Light Cinnamon, and Chocolate.
(Rose and Chocolate are not kept in stock; orders in these nipple colors will be delayed by up to 3-6 weeks to allow for production time.)

Rose Light Cinnamon Chocolate


Available nipple sizes: Gigi 45, Lola 50, and Lexi 60.
(Gigi 45 and Lexi 60 are not kept in stock; orders in these nipple sizes will be delayed by up to 3-6 weeks to allow for production time.)

Gigi 45 Lola 50 Lexi 60


Need help with sizing, color choice, a custom order, or with any other questions? Don't hesitate to Contact Us right away – we're here to help!

Delays and Product Availability:

PLEASE NOTE! Since Divine Collection hand-creates their Athena forms, there may be occasional delays in availability, even for the styles that we keep in-stock at the store. We do our absolute best to keep this product available, but there may be up to a six-week delay before the forms can be created and sent out.
If this should happen, we will notify you as soon as possible, and offer possible assistance and solutions, but as always, if you need your Trans Spa order for a specific date, please feel free to Contact Us and ask about stock levels and availability. Thank you!