Three-Quarter Sleeve Faux-Wrap Dress


Wrap dresses are FANTASTIC for creating the ideal feminine figure! With a flaring knee-length skirt and a neckline that can be pinned together for more coverage or left open for a seductive look, these dresses are beloved by Trans Spa and our customers. They are sewn in place, making them "faux" wrap rather than true wrap dresses, and this prevents wardrobe malfunctions such as the front panels falling open accidentally. Tie the belt tighter or looser for different silhouettes; do a single wrap and tie a long bow, or wrap the belt twice around your waist for more security. There's so many possibilities!

This dress has a single belt that is not sewn to the sides of the dress, giving you even more options for wearing it. Slinky, stretchy material with a bit of shine. Bright red. One Size Queen.

Please note that the the image for this dress is taken from a flat mannequin, and it will look much more flattering on a human body! These hang very similarly to the Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress.