TRANSFORM Premier Triangle Breast Forms (Pair)


About TRANSFORM Premier Triangle Breast Forms

These pretty and truly feminine soft silicone breast forms mimic the draping shape of women's natural breasts. Made with 100% standard soft silicone, Transform Premier Triangle breast forms have a natural weight to them when worn in a bra. Each form is encapsulated in a durable yet supple polyurethane film. This extra-supple, bouncy "skin" is more matte (less shiny) in the Premier line, giving a more realistic look -- especially in photographs! The silicone internal nipple does not break down, shift or change color over time. The Premier line uses a fabulous realistic nipple, with real texturing and shaping to mimic a woman's natural form. It is darker than the rest of the form, but can be covered with clothing for a discreet look, or you can add a larger pair of high-definition realistic nipples for a more noticeable appearance.

On this style, the nipple apex is lower than on other breast forms and the lower half of the form is wider and fuller. The Triangle style has high projection for a large, noticeable silhouette! The tapered wings get gradually thinner to blend smoothly to the chest. The top wing rises higher on the chest to add fullness and depth. These triangle breast forms are symmetrical, which makes them easy to fit.

TRANSFORM Premier Triangle Breast Forms are available in sizes 4-10 in beige. These form styles work well on a broader chest or for someone who wants a more subtle feminine figure.

These are gel-fill breast forms, meaning they are NOT safe for sleeping. Excessive pressure may cause them to burst!

Which Size Should I Get?

First, you should know your band size! This refers to the circumference of your chest below the nipples, where the bra band will sit, and determines the "scale" of the breast form you'll need. Since the volume of each cup size increases as the band size gets larger, this is VERY important information when determining how a breast form will fit. Once you have your measurement, in inches, you'll add 5 inches to get your Nearly Me Band Size, and you'll use the "Size" number to follow the chart below. Find the column with your band size, and the row with your desired cup size, and the entry in that row and column tells you what size will fit you.

If you see two possible sizes, you have a choice – depending on the bra you choose to wear and how "full" you want your cup to be, either one of these sizes may work well for you. We at Trans Spa love Nearly Me's Transform See-Through Bra, which is designed to work well with all the Transform products for easier sizing. If you prefer a different brand of bra with your Transform Natural Look breast forms, we recommend ordering your breast forms first, and then purchasing your bra to fit your forms – just like with real breasts!

If you're not sure how to measure yourself, how to determine your band size, or how to use the sizing charts, just make an appointment for a Quick Shop or Transformation, and we'll measure you and fit you for forms – FREE!


How To Choose the Correct Breast Forms for You

Be sure you check out our detailed video, How To Choose The Correct Breast Forms For You! Trans Spa's breast form expert Darrell goes hands-on with various types of breast forms, helping you learn about everything and choose the best pair. Plus, we show you our forms on a model so you can see how they wear!
Information about the Premier line begins at approximately 3:10.